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Drea & The Urban Vibez band

Artist biography:

Andrea Varimes Aka Drea
DREA & The Urban Vibez Band
Cultural Diversity has played a key role since the beginning of Drea’s life. Born in Canada raised in Chicago where she found her first interest in music in the church choir and high school chorus. Drea began singing reggae in Chicago as a back-up vocalist in the Chicago night club scene in the 80’s. Starting out as a back-up vocalist, she perfected her ability to harmonize and work the stage for many years. As her career as a back-up vocalist began to take flight she had the opportunity to sing at venues like The Wild Hare, Exodus, Cubby Bear, Cotton club, Negril, and Club Dred. After gaining notoriety in Chicago “The Taste of Chicago”became one of the great opportunities to become exposed to a large public audience. Gaining international artist relationships Drea then broaden her singing abilities capturing world beat, learning “Amharic” the ancient Ethiopian language as well as the Fante dialect from the Akan Tribe of Ghana Africa.
Throughout  Drea’s career she has had the honor of gracing the stage with legendary artist like Yellow Man, The Wailers, Michael Rose(Black Uruhu), Everton Blender, Joanna Connor (Blues band), Luther Allison and Singing Melody just to name a few. In the early 90’s Drea had her debut on Jamaica radio station Hot102 FM with Barry “G” and Ron Muschet from IRIE FM singing live for the listeners.
Persevering through the years as a progressive Chicago reggae artist Drea was recognized by Martins International Music Awards in 2006 and was presented with a certificate for her contribution to Reggae Music. Her debut album “Version of love” was nominated for best CD.
Drea is presently working on a new album and is active in the Chicago Midwest and international regions. 
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